Exceptional Maintenance Personnel

Dear Site Manager,


Too often in this world, we are quick to complain when our expectations are not me, but are very slow to bring exceptional service to the attention of management. I am hoping this letter remedies that situation as it deals with the two individuals that form the maintenance team at The Cottages Community.

I am a relatively new resident, having lived here about five months. As with many new residents, I had a few questions, and met with one or two maintenance issues. Through these I had the distinct pleasure of meeting.

I am confined to a wheelchair for much of the time. Although I use a walker indoors, distance travel must be done in a motorized scooter. My neighbor is in a similar situation and mentioned to me that the outer storm door could be installed with a right hand opening, thereby facilitating easier entrance/ exit from my apartment. I placed a work order and within a day or two, maintenance appeared and quickly and expertly “switched” my storm door. Maintenance is extremely proficient at his job, but what makes him exceptional is his manner and personality. He is respectful in the extreme, always truly listening to the resident and offering viable options. He is friendly and understanding, always reassuring the resident that her will do his very best to accommodate them. I have had personal experience seeing this, but what prompted my letter was my observance of another resident treating him rather unkindly and his total professionalism in self-control and restraint. The resident was angrily complaining about the trash can issue inside the community room. The residents voice was raised and was some how blaming maintenance for the condition that was absolutely not his fault. The maintenance person simply stood by, listen to her tirade, and then with utmost respect, said he would try his best to remedy the situation. The maintenance person showed much more calm and restraint that I believe I would have had. To me, this exemplifies exceptional service, courtesy, and kindness.

But we are blessed with another wonderful maintenance person. I recently has the pleasure of directly interacting with him because of a minor problem with a bi-fold door. The door had a recurring problem of slipping off the track. The maintenance person came in to inspect it but rather than simply popping the door back in place, he listened to me when I said it seemed to be a recurring problem. He looked more closely, found the track needed an adjustment, and quickly made the repairs. The door was in the kitchen area, in front of my washer. Now I knew the handle on my front loading washer was loose, but maintenance did not. The maintenance person went to open the washer door to make the door was not impeded, and the the washer door handle broke off in his hand. I quickly reassured the maintenance person numerous times that it was totally my fault, and that they had no idea the handle was loose. But the maintenance person, being the caring professional, went back to the work shop, got super glue and came back to my apartment. Carefully applying the glue, then held it in place for two minutes until it “set”. And then asked me not to touch it for a few hours. The next day the door was better than new.

I hope my few words have brought to your attention the fantastic maintenance team you have here at The Cottages. In this day of “minimal” service by many, these employees go out of their way to be personable, kind and courteous while remaining very skilled at their jobs.



A resident of the Cottages of Shippensburg

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