Exceptional Assistant Community Manager

Dear Regional Manager,

I just wanted to take this opportunity to share with you that Ms. Abbie [Myers] is an exceptional Assistant Community Manager who does her job extremely well.

My mother moved into Victory Crest Apartments in 2015. During the application process through her actually moving in, Ms. Abbie exemplified professionalism, knowledge of the property and formality of completing all the many documents needed to move in.

My mom being 74 years old can usually be a little feisty when there is a lot of paperwork involved. However, Ms. Abbie was very patient with my mom. She demonstrated a passion for what she does and I know dealing with seniors it can be a bit challenging. She embraced us with kindness and care which gave me a great since of peace with my moving to Victory Crest.

She makes sure the property is immaculate. My mother and I are very happy that she lives in an environment that is conductive for senior living. My mother and I are so appreciative of Ms. Abbie.


A relative of a resident at Victory Crest Apartments

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